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Frequently Asked Questions

We started Aeroplex because we understand the need to make sure that your aircraft is safe and secure. Not just from thieves and vandals, but from environmental factors as well.

That’s why we work with you to craft a hangar that’s right for you and your aircraft. We want to provide you with the most secured private hangar on the market. We use the best materials and craftsman on the market to ensure that everything inside the hangar will be safe from outside elements

Have any questions about how it all works? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below or reach out to our team at info@aeroplexhangars.com!

The units are scheduled to be completed late spring of 2022, however being there is multiple units some will finish earlier than others.

The units are owned by a non-profit corporation to which each unser will own a share, this share is transferable at any time, you can even transfer the refundable deposit

Your neighbors are like minded aviation related people. Some will like locally and some not so much. The effort is that each unit maintain a level of privacy as well as community. The idea is to have the private club type feel and yet be able to enjoy the aircraft even when not flying it.

We are working with the local FBO to set rates with our members to help keep the fuel cost low. As for our own fuel system, we decided that the liability is not worth the reward and will not be providing fuel from the association.

Hangars may be accessed through the main gate or through the rear of the unit using remote control.

The developer has 30 years experience using pre engineered metal building as well as we manufactures its hangar doors in Ocala Florida.

Yes we are placing VPN wifi for the use of the tenant only, this will also allow us to provide security to the site as well as mount your own cameras in the building as a unit owner may wish all at the same time providing access to aviation weather.

Absolutely, the hangar is more like a toy box rather than just a hangar, cars and watercraft are just some of the items, however hazardous materials are strictly forbidden

Well Bilt Industries is utilizing a hydraulic tilt back door that is made here in Ocala and will have a 5 year warranty

Sheltair the current FBO provider will move it or you can elect to move it yourself.

Your Hangar. Your Way.

At Aeroplex, we work with you to build the right hangar for you and your aircraft. From the initial design to the final reveal, we help you every step of the way. Take the first step and make a reservation today!